The New Era.. KPOP.!!

I’m comming again w/ new article.. Now I want 2 write about kpop.. Yes, pastilah klyn smw tw “what kpop is”. N this is it the new era of music world..

Want 2 know some KPOP?? check it out..




*S.M. The Ballad*

*Super Junior K.R.Y*

*F.T. Island*




*C.N. Blue*





*Kim Bum Soo*


*Super Junior*

*Na Yoon Kwon*

*The Supreme Team*


*Dalmatian ato Dalmation??*





*Miss a*





*Orange Caramel*

*After School*


*Wonder Girls*

*Girls Day*


How?? Puaskh kalian?? Mianhae kalo gx smw GB, BB, ato singer laen ny ak cntumin.. Jeongmal mianhae.. Sekian artikel ini.. Enjoy this blog.. *kalo bisa comment yaa* #hehehehhe#


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